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Saturday, September 20

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Friday, August 16

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Thursday, July 11

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    Dear Varsity/JV Soccer players 2011,
    As you should know the next 2 weeks will make a huge difference in your preparation for this years season and the ISST which is being hosted by MUNICH in November. After cementing your place in Division 1 last year, you now need to train and compete with the achievable goal of a MEDAL pushing you forward. There is no doubt that although at times we competed with the best last year but we were not physically fit enough to last the grueling 5 game schedule over the 3 ISST championship days. No longer can we be fair to you and the team to be carrying players who have ability but have not worked hard enough to be in the physical condition required to work as hard as everyone else.
    Not only are we looking for you to be fitter, with better technical and skill ability than ever before, but to gel as a squad both on and off the field. Great teams have players that offer a variety of qualities from pace, skill and technical ability to belief, composure and camaraderie. What EVERY player must however be able to give is 100% effort to the cause. Core strength, muscular and aerobic endurance in order to compete in the most physically demanding of games and flexibility that enhances recovery and prevents needless injuries over a grueling season.
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Wednesday, July 10

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